C|PS Suction extraction systems Equipment and accessories

Equipment features of the C|PS² and C|PS³apex particle suction extraction systems

Extraction system

Equipment features C|PS² C|PS³apex *)
Particle separation in laboratory bottle
Particle separation on particle trap
Adaption for shortened direct analysis in conjunction with PartSens 4.0 (not included)
Direct filtration on analysis filter
Precoat unit / cascade filtration unit
Adaptation for efficient wet cleaning of the system option -.
Automated wet cleaning with adapter -
Ergonomic quick-release clamps for filter unit and hose holders -

Controls and monitoring

Equipment feature C|PS² C|PS³apex *)
Differential pressure measurement for volume flow monitoring
Digital control for programming and storing the test sequence -
Integrated voice prompting for reliable user guidance -
Screen panel with freely movable support arm for optimum positioning of the screen -
Integrated volume flow monitoring with direct flow measurement -

Structural features

Equipment feature C|PS² C|PS³apex *)
Modular design, dismountable, compact and mobile -
Fully integrated complete system, movable for use on site due to braked swivel castors -
Complete ESD protection -


Equipment feature C|PS² C|PS³apex *)
Universal ESD-compliant suction nozzle set with round, flat and round brush nozzle
Flexible accessory module with drawers with accessories for extraction, analysis and cleaning -
Integrated ESD-protected drawers with accessories for extraction, analysis and cleaning -

Suction system

Equipment feature C|PS² C|PS³apex *)
Bluetooth remote control on suction hose
Mobile suction module with factory-set volume flow -
Integrated suction unit, controlled via the digital controller and with monitored volumetric flow -

*) C|PS³apex is currently available in Europe, availability for other regions on request

Suction nozzles – universal or component-specific

In addition to the three standard nozzles included in the scope of delivery for the C|PS² and C|PS³apex, ESD-capable and component-specific nozzles and brushes can also be developed and manufactured to requirements. The ESD-compliant use of materials ensures optimum derivation and thus prevents electrostatic discharges on the component during suction extraction. The nozzles are either made of ESD-capable material or are given a special ESD coating.

C|PS - Nozzle Catalog

Customized nozzle variants

Nozzle geometries can be customized to meet specific component requirements on request.