Product Catalogue - Technical Cleanliness

Proven equipment and accessories for professional testing of component and environment cleanliness

In addition to the professional qualification of the laboratory personnel, the proven equipment and accessories for the professional execution of cleanliness tests according to ISO 16232 / VDA 19.1 is an essential success factor for correct results. Based on our own experience, the selected and tested range of laboratory equipment and accessories in our product catalogue and CleanControlling eShop offers a complete selection of relevant products. 

The continuously growing demands and expectations on technical cleanliness and its testing and monitoring require a careful selection of equipment and accessories. For this reason, all products in our product range have been evaluated under the technical aspects and tested in practice. With our specialized product range you benefit from the profound knowledge of our cleanliness experts and the manifold experience... 

...and all from a one-stop shop!

We would also be pleased to advise you on the selection of the products and processes that are suitable for you. Trust in highly trained specialists and benefit from our experience and competence.

You will find products for the following areas of technical cleanliness: 

and for:

hygiene control on surfaces or in rooms