Mobile Particle Suction Extraction System C|PS²

The new, non-destructive, mobile test method with suction extraction (with air) enables economical, faster and application-related cleanliness tests on large-area components or directly in the process environment.

Compared to the wet extraction (as described in VDA 19.1/ISO 16232) this innovative extraction method opens up decisive advantages in various applications with cleanliness inspections

  • of large-scale components with dry-adhering particles
  • within the logistics, e.g. load carriers
  • in the production process, e.g. workpiece carriers in assembly plants in the process environment
  • to check component cleanliness within the manufacturing process

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Particle monitoring

Monitoring accessories for assessing particle appearance in the production environment, including using particle traps or stamps.

  • Particle trap - Particles that settle on the traps become permanently attached to the filter pad.
  • The particle stamp collects particles from surfaces and permanently fixes them to the adhesive pad.
  • The SEM particle stamp was developed for analyzes with the scanning electron microscope (SEM).
  • The stand allows easy placement of the particles traps in different heights.
  • The mounting bracket allows the rapid and optimal placement of the particle traps at the desired position.

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Assembly Cleanliness

Cleanliness areas as room concepts are supported through special products and systems.

  • Barrier and marking tapes mark and delimit clean zones (e.g. (SaS1) according to VDA 19.2)

  • Clean mats for reduction of particle entry by personnel when entering a cleanliness zone (SaS 1) or a cleanliness room (SaS 2) according to VDA 19.2

  • Glove cleaning system for removal of micro-particles to prevent negative influence of the production process

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Laboratory equipment

The right laboratory equipment and accessories are deci-sive for the results of the cleanliness test. CleanControlling offers laboratory technology matched to the needs of a cleanliness laboratory.

  • Vacuum filtration unit for separation of extracted particles from the analysis of liquid on the analysis filter surface
  • Tweezers and clips for clean and safe filter handling and for for gentle handling of components during particle extraction
  • Cleanroom coats and caps for protection of the cleanroom from human contamination and clothes
  • Filter membranes and accessories and accessories for microscopy

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