Order processing

1. Inquiry by the customer

Possibilities of requiry

2. Check of customer specification at CleanControlling

Examination of customer specifications and component details with regard to test procedure and feasibility

3. Clearance of analysis details

  • By telephone or per e-mail
  • While a visit of our laboratory

4. Offer

  • Dependent on complexity of customer specification you will reach the offer after 1 or 2 working days.

5. Order from customer and delivery of parts to CleanControlling

Packaging of the parts for transport

  • Packaging alternative 1: It should be choosen a packaging wich avoid creation of particles while transport (e. g. closed plastic bag)
  • Packaging alternative 2: Simulation of customers delivery with original packaging of the parts

6. Receipt of parts at CleanControlling

  • Visuell check of the packaging. Faulty or damaged packaging will be documented at CleanControlling.
  • Collection of all analyse information from order
  • Draw up an analyse instruction with the information from customer and the according specification.

7. The extraction method will be qualified by decay curve.

  • The extraction method will be qualified by decay curve.

8. Start of analysis

  • Preparation of analyse equipment
  • Basic cleaning of the according extraction equipment

9. Archiving of analysis filters

  • The archiving of the filter membranes takes place under the respective analysis no. in our archive.
  • The archiving period of the filter membranes is max. 1 year from the completion of the analysis.
  • Subsequent tests, such as material determinations (SEM/EDX or FT-IR analyzes) are possible within this period.