Particle stamp

The particle stamp is a further development of the options described in VDA 19.2 "Technical cleanliness in assembly - Environment, logistics, personnel and assembly equipment" for monitoring particles which permits a correlation to be made to the
actual contamination of surfaces. They are used to make a snapshot of the particle contamination of surfaces.

To meet the individual spatial conditions and production demands of our customers, our company has a series of different particle stamps offering different technical features and benefits.

This enables us to provide the customer with more flexibility, among other things in relation to the contact pressure, the representability of the received particle during a subsequent analysis and the usage - even at hard-to-reach places.

The actual state of surfaces can be received by implementation of a stamp test. On the surface of the particle stamp there is a particle pad to fix the extracted particles from a surface. The particle stamp can be used on hard-to-reach areas.

The variants of the particle stamp with article numbers can be found in our eShop.