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CleanControlling GmbH is a leading international company in the field of technical cleanliness for industry and the automotive sector.

As a leading international specialist in the field of technical cleanliness, CleanControlling GmbH sets globally recognized benchmarks in laboratory analysis, consulting along the product development process as well as with the specialized product range.

This comprehensive competence and profound knowledge in the field of technical cleanliness is based on over 70,000 cleanliness tests and over 13 years of experience in laboratory analysis, consulting and seminars.

We are committed to the practice-oriented technical cleanliness as a recognized member with the active participation in the committees for the creation and further development of standards and guidelines, such as the VDA 19, the ISO 16232, as well as in the AdhäSa industrial group on adhesive cleanliness.

With this expertise, we continue to develop our consulting services and training content, drawing on the experience of more than 300 consulting projects with international clients. The focus of the consultations is the optimization of the process chain to ensure the required cleanliness of your products with the best possible cost / benefit ratio.

Our extensive technical cleanliness expertise in assembly is the basis for the development of a specialized range of products to assist you in meeting your requirements and objectives for the technical cleanliness of your products and processes. With our new eShop, these products can be obtained quickly and easily.

New product development is the particle suction extraction system C | PS². The novel, mobile test method by means of suction extraction (with air) enables economic, fast and application-oriented cleanliness tests, e.g. on large-area components or directly in the process environment.

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In the field of analytics, we evaluate the particulate and chemical-filmic component cleanliness of your products and assist you in detection the particle source by determining the material of the particles.


Our know-how on the topic of technical cleanliness in assembly is the basis for the development of a specialized product range that supports you in meeting your technical cleanliness requirements.