Accredited test laboratory
for medical devices!

CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG is your partner as an accredited and ZLG and GLP accepted testing laboratory for biological and microbiological-hygienic testing of medical devices.

Services at a glance

Biological analytics

With biological analytics, we test the biological and microbiological-hygienic cleanliness and harmlessness of your medical devices.

Chemical analytics

Chemical analytics enables chemical characterization and testing of the chemical cleanliness of medical devices.

Particle analytics

With particle analyses, we test the particle load of medical devices and identify the materials of the particles.

Your benefit

Short distances and personal support in the interpretation of the results of the test results - our location is directly in the "world center of medical technology"

Everything from a single source through our comprehensive range of services with a focus on the cleanliness of medical devices, technology and environment.

International and FDA-compliant: Basically, you receive bilingual test reports for medical devices in German / English, also GLP-compliant.