Consulting on technical cleanliness


We accompany you in the early concept phase and advise you along the entire product development process and help you to achieve your cleanliness requirements in a targeted manner and with optimized effort. The consulting services with focus on assembly cleanliness includes not only the classic production cleanliness assessment, the environmental cleanliness assessment and the potential analysis or audit according to VDA 19.2 but also the process chain analysis and process analysis, in the early concept phase also the concept assessment of assembly equipment in CAD Stage, product design assessment, limit determination, etc. CleanControlling offers exactly the independent consulting services tailored to your individual requirements, with which you can achieve your cleanliness objectives.


We qualify your employees by training as a qualified employee, as a specialist or as an auditor for technical cleanliness. The training as a qualified employee in technical cleanliness qualifies laboratory staff or persons responsible for technical cleanliness for the standard-compliant performance of cleanliness inspections and imparts all steps from test planning through the execution of the cleanliness test to documentation. The training as a specialist for Technical Cleanliness provides the knowledge required for the successful implementation and establishment of Technical Cleanliness in the company. Building on this, training as an auditor in Technical Cleanliness conveys the content and significance of the potential analysis according to 
VDA 19.2. After successful completion of the written exam, a generally accepted certificate will be issued.


A comprehensive range of training, conferences and congresses on technical cleanliness supports you in qualifying your employees and raising awareness amongst them. The training program includes basic seminars on technical cleanliness acc. VDA 19.1 and VDA 19.2, in-depth seminars on measuring methods acc. VDA 19.1, assembly cleanliness acc. VDA 19.2, planning and construction of cleanliness-sensitive assembly equipment acc. VDA 19.2, as well as individual training programs around the subject of technical cleanliness along the entire product development process. In addition, symposia of CleanControlling and specialized congresses with our professionally recognized lectures provide the ideal platforms for knowledge transfer and networking. Our current program of trainings, symposia and congresses can be found here.