VDA 19.1 / VDA 19.2 - Quality Management in the Automotive Industry

VDA 19.1 – Inspection of Technical Cleanliness

"Particulate contamination of functionally-relevant automotive components"

The guideline describes requirements for applying and documenting methods for determining particulate contamination on functionally relevant components (cleanliness inspection). Cleanliness inspection forms the basis of an assessment of technical cleanliness, which is performed, for example, under the following circumstances:

  • Initial inspection and evaluation
  • Incoming and outgoing goods inspection
  • Quality control of manufacturing processes relevant to cleanliness (e.g. cleaning)
  • Monitoring of processes (e.g. surface treatment or assembly processes)

The guideline enhances the informative quality and comparability of test results; it also regulates the standardized expression of cleanliness specifications and cleanliness test results in the quality chain of the automotive industry. It is the most important basis for component cleanliness tests, even according to many different customer standards, which refer to this guideline for carrying out the tests.

VDA 19.2 – Technical Cleanliness in assembly

„Environment, Logistics, Personnel and Assembly Equipment“

This guideline is intended as an aid for planners and quality management staff involved in the planning of new processes and sequences or the optimization of existing ones in assembly areas and their environments where cleanliness is a critical factor. The aim of the guideline is to prevent the generation of critical particulate Contamination at sensitive sites, to remove unavoidable particles and to protect components and assembled systems against the entry of particles from the surroundings. As well as aiming to fulfill the technical aims, the guideline also serves to standardize procedures for planning and optimizing cleanliness-sensitive assembly areas. It represents an essential basis for our consulting services along the product development process.

The VDA 19 Part 1 and VDA 19 Part 2 can be obtained from VDA.