Important conditions for offers and orders

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery, our quotations and orders for laboratory services shall apply exclusively subject to the following terms and conditions of quotation and order:

Delivery time:

The analysis protocols are sent in pdf format by e-mail on the confirmed delivery date. The processing time offered in the quotation and the current capacity capabilities are taken into account. The information in the quotation refers to working days after receipt of the components and complete clarification of the order details and/or after completion of any component-specific adaptation(s) offered. Please note that due to our shift work, our working day ends at 22:00 at the earliest and the protocol dispatch can only take place at the end of the day mentioned.


The filter membranes are archived under the respective analysis no. in our archive for a maximum of 1 year after the analysis has been carried out. The archiving period of extracts for ion chromatography is max. 1 year from the performance of the analysis. Subsequent measurements are possible within this period.


Sampling and sample preparation is carried out by the client. When sending the samples/components, please ensure suitable packaging (e.g. clean PE bags, special blisters, etc.) so that additional particle contamination from outside or through transport is avoided as far as possible.
Helpful information on clean packaging can be found here....

Usability and disposal of the tested components

Due to the sampling of the components with extraction fluid, they are usually no longer usable after the test. The components will therefore be properly disposed after testing by us, there will be no costs for you. If you do not agree with the disposal and wish to have the components returned, please inform us in writing. In this case we charge a shipping and handling charge of 29.00 EUR (Germany) / 49.00 (EU) per order, outside EU 29.00 EUR plus shipping costs. 

Scope of offer, prices:

For the above prices, we assume a particle load on the filter membrane that can be evaluated microscopically. If the particle load is too high, additional costs may be incurred, which we will clarify with you if necessary. The results of the analysis protocols do not take measurement uncertainties into account. If you have any further questions about the measurement uncertainty for each test method, please do not hesitate to contact our test planning staff. 

Handling charges / additional costs:

The handling charges stated in the offer and order confirmation includes the costs for internal handling, packaging and shipping processing for the return of the components requested by you. For shipments to non-European countries or > 31 kg as well as on pallets, additional freight costs are incurred which are not included in the handling charge, these will be shown additionally in the invoice if necessary.

General terms and conditions of sale and delivery:

The currently valid General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of CleanControlling GmbH, DE-78576 Emmingen-Liptingen shall apply exclusively. We will be pleased to send you these on request. In addition, these conditions are available under  Terms & Conditions.