Air throughflow extraction

Analytical methods for the quantitative description of the component cleanliness
of air-conducting components (acc. VDA 19.1 / ISO 16232:2018)



    The cleanliness inspection by air throughflow extraction offers the following advantages

    • Analysis of components possible, which would be destroyed by liquid treatment.
    • Concealed inner surfaces are not wetted with liquid
    • Particles can not settle on internal cavitys.
    • No problems in the removal of the test medium.

      The procedure is basically similar to the analysis with liquid

      • The particles (residual dirt) are collected on a filter and analysis - as required - by gravimetry, microscopy or elemental analysis characterized.
      • The measurement result is independent to a large extent by the design of the extraction procedure.
      • Calibration and capabilities of measuring instruments used to determine to a large extent the result of to be determined cleanliness values.