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Initial operation, instruction and training

Performing extractions for particle contamination sampling is essentially a manual process with assistance from user-friendly extraction systems. Extraction cannot be carried out by merely pressing a button on the extraction system. The requirements for cleanliness-compliant handling specified in VDA 19.1 not only presuppose knowledge of how to operate the system, but also thorough basic knowledge of technical cleanliness.

CleanControlling offers a special training program for users on their premises or online to provide this knowledge. In addition to initial operation, the training also includes technical cleanliness basics. Operation and use of the system is demonstrated using practical examples, on the users’ own components where applicable. The time required for training depends on the users’ preexisting knowledge.

Project support

When you are creating test specifications for complex components, it helps to draw on our cleanliness specialists’ wealth of experience. With our project support, we offer you assistance with test planning and development of special suction nozzles, performance of qualification tests and preparation of test specifications.


Inspection and maintenance

Reliable cleanliness tests generally require clean extraction systems which do not exceed the permissible blank value, even with good cleanability. Regular system cleaning and inspection are thus essential for reproducible cleanliness tests alongside proper installation, initial operation and user qualification. Signs of wear may appear over the system’s operating life despite system components being designed to be as clean as possible. Regular cleaning may no longer reliably eliminate these signs of wear after a long period of operation. As a result, regular renewal of the system components relevant to cleanliness is a crucial preventive measure for ensuring reliable test results

Annual maintenance

Annual maintenance and inspection is recommended for the aforementioned reasons to ensure operational and process reliability. Wear parts relevant to correct functioning and cleanliness, such as hoses, plugs and suction nozzles, are replaced as part of this annual maintenance. What’s more, not only is a function test performed during the maintenance visit; the system is thoroughly cleaned too..

The maintenance contract - how you benefit

  • We take care of everything – from basic cleaning to calibration
  • No need to keep an eye on the due date for maintenance – we will also take care of that for you
  • Maintenance is performed on your premises – at a reasonable price thanks to our route planning
  • Our qualified technician can answer your questions about the application directly
  • You keep up to date and can benefit from further technical developments
  • No long-term contract commitment – duration of one year, cancellation three months before contract expires