Cleanliness inspections / residual dirt analyses of large components

according to VDA 19.1 (2015) / ISO 16232:2018

Cleanliness inspections of large components that can not be manually moved and held in place make special demands on the test equipment required for extraction. Typical engine components such as cylinder crankcases, cylinder heads, crankshafts, etc. often have numerous media areas and channels that must be tested separately. The testing of the different media areas requires that the unhandy and heavy components can nevertheless be easily moved in several dimensions so that the media areas are accessible and the extraction medium can be collected and filtered. In this special and oversized test environment, it is also particularly important to ensure the neccessary  blank value of the test equipment.

CleanControlling has developed and set up a special extraction system for the safe fulfilment of these requirements. For safe and multi-dimensional component handling the extraction unit is equipped with a suitable heavy-duty manipulator.

Possible component sizes: 

  • maximum edge length of 1.500 mm
  • maximum component weight approx. 500 kg


Typical sectors automotive and automotive supply industry, commercial vehicle/agricultural/construction machinery industry
Type of contamination particles from manufacturing process in media areas and on component surfaces
Result Microscopy count per size class from 25 µm particle size, metallic shiny / non-shiny / fibres
Result Gravimetry total mass of extracted particles in mg
Example test objects cylinder crankcase, crankshaft, cylinder head, camshaft, housing parts, power units

Further Information

These tests are part of our accreditation, detailed information on the scope of accreditation can be found here.
You can also  find detailed information on test procedures and test standards in our Information desk.
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