Microscopic analysis

Evaluation of environmental cleanliness

By means of particle traps, environmental cleanliness in assambly areas can be determined and monitored. 

CleanControlling North America provides you quick particle trap analysis acc. to ISO 16232, VDA 19.1 / VDA 19.2 with clealy evaluated cleanliness results showing ambiant cleanliness. In addition, the analysis data of the different measuring points of the cleanliness monitoring can be displayed graphically for easier and clearer evaluation.

See details about particle traps and paticle stamps here.



The most common products for monitoring of ambient cleanliness are available on the CleanControlling eShop:

  • Particle trap - Particles that settle on the traps become permanently attached to the filter pad.
  • The particle stamp collects particles from surfaces and permanently fixes them to the adhesive pad.
  • The SEM particle stamp was developed for analyzes with the scanning electron microscope (SEM).
  • The mounting bracket allows the rapid and optimal placement of the particle traps at the desired position.