Analysis of foundry materials

To ensure consistently high quality in casting processes, precise inspection of the raw materials and feedstocks used is essential. To this end, we carry out incoming inspections on coke, silicon carbide (SiC), ferrosilicon (FeSi) and ferromanganese. 

Equally important, however, is the regular inspection of the resulting waste products such as slags, molding sands, blackness, cooled molten iron, filter and blast furnace gas dusts or wastewater from cleaning, coating and passivation plants. 

Special attention is also paid here to emissions trading. For example, the amount of CO2 released can be determined by the difference between the carbon content of the materials used and the carbon content in the waste. Through exact and reproducible determination of the total carbon content, we support our customers in acting more sustainably, optimizing processes and thus increasing their profits. 


Typical fields of application:


Objective of the analysis:

Quality control of raw materials and charge materials, determination of residues in foundry wastes

Analyzable parameters:

Total carbon content, total sulfur content, water content, volatile matter
and loss on ignition,light and heavy metals, MKWs, LHKWs, AOX, COD


Solid samples (raw and charge materials, slags, dusts) approx. 1 kg, aqueous samples approx. 1 L

Further Information

These tests are part of our accreditation, detailed information on the scope of accreditation can be found here.
You can also find detailed information on test procedures, test standards and expertise in our Infothek
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