Environmental analytics - focus on pollutants

The responsible use of resources, whether through conservation or reuse, is one of the central challenges of our time. In particular, the environmentally sound recycling of building materials plays an essential role, but also the environmentally safe disposal without further potential hazards. CleanControlling Chemical contributes to this with standard-compliant and customized analyses from the field of environmental and wastewater chemistry. For this purpose, soil, asphalt, construction debris, landfill and scrap wood samples are routinely analyzed in accordance with the applicable regulations and ordinances. In addition, the focus is also on investigations with regard to health hazardous exposure to asbestos and WHO fibers.

In the field of foundry technology, raw materials and feedstocks are examined for residues as part of quality control, but also foundry waste such as slags, molding sands, filter and blast furnace gas dusts. Among other things, in connection with emissions trading, the amounts of CO2 released can be determined here via the difference between the carbon content of the materials used and the waste.

Water analysis is used to examine samples of wastewater, groundwater and surface water, leachate, cooling water, process water, drinking water and also deionized and ultrapure water, thus also making a significant contribution to the protection of our environment.

A wide range of analytical methods are used for this purpose. This variety enables us to react flexibly and professionally to individual questions, beyond the general regulations and ordinances. The laboratory tests are carried out according to the quality standards set within the scope of the accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. In addition to the standardized test methods, our chemical laboratory has a list of all test methods in the flexible accreditation range, which allow very extensive analysis options.