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CleanControlling GmbH is a leading international company in the field of technical cleanliness for industry and the automotive sector.

The extensive experience gained from over 60,000 cleanliness tests and the profound knowledge accumulated from over 10 years of laboratory analysis, consulting and training on the topic of technical cleanliness makes us the leading specialist in the field of technical cleanliness.

We are committed to practice-oriented technical cleanliness with active participation in the committees for creation and further development of standards, guidelines and directives, like VDA 19, ISO 16232 and in the AdhäSa industrial association on the topic of adhesive cleanliness or film contamination.

With this expertise we also continually develop our consulting services and training contents further and utilize the experience gained from over 250 consulting projects with international customers in the process. The consultations focus on the optimization of the process chain to lastingly ensure the required cleanliness of your products with the best possible cost/benefit ratio.

Our comprehensive know-how on the topic of technical cleanliness in assembly is the basis for the development of a specialized product range that supports you in meeting your requirements and objectives for the technical cleanliness of your products and processes.

The reference for this are our renowned, successful customers from the sectors:

  •  Automotive and supplier industry
  •  Hydraulic Components
  •  Medical
  •  Cleaning Technology
  •  Precision Engineering
  •  Aerospace Engineering
  •  Medical technology

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biological / medical field - for example

  • Bioburden - microbiological burden of products and substances
  • Endotoxin test (LAL test)
  • Cytotoxicity - bio-compatibility
  • Particles in medical technology

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