Chemical analytics

As a mid-sized laboratory, we offer not only purity analyses of medical products and traditional water and contaminated soil analysis, but also special analyses for the determination of unknown compounds. 

With the takeover of the business activities of Chemisches Labor Becker in Leipferdingen by CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG as of July 1, 2021, CleanControlling expands its service portfolio with a variety of methods in the field of chemical analytics.

As a long-established service laboratory for chemical analysis, the founder of the company, Mr. Herbert Becker, has built up a very extensive range of methods and instruments and has a broad customer base in the fields of medical technology, construction, waste disposal and recycling. The takeover by CleanControlling took place after many years of close and trusting cooperation with Chemisches Labor Becker in the context of a company succession. Mr. Becker continues to accompany the company with his indispensable expertise in the field of chemical analysis.

The takeover by CleanControlling includes the entire business activity with the complete staff of 10 employees, the extensive laboratory instrumentation and infrastructure with the most modern analytical equipment at the existing location in Leipferdingen.

The range of services in the field of environmental analysis, accredited by DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, includes physical, physical-chemical and chemical laboratory tests of water, aqueous eluates, soils, waste and substances for recycling.

Environmental Analytics

Investigations of water (groundwater, demineralized water, wastewater), aqueous eluates, sludge and sediment as well as soil and waste or materials for recycling (e.g. recycled building materials)



  • Gas chromatography (GC), for the separation of organic substances.
  • Liquid chromatography (LC, HPLC), for the separation of organic substances
  • Detection by UV/VIS, FD, DAD, MS, MS/MS, etc.
  • Ion chromatography (IC), for the separation of ions
  • UV/VIS spectroscopy, for the determination of organic substances
  • Atomic absorption spectrometry (ICP/OES + ICP/MS), for the determination of heavy metals

Medical devices, implants

Examination of organic and inorganic cleaning and production residues

  • Chemical analyses, e.g. GC-MS *, LC-MS *,
     THC *, ICP_MS */ Headspace-GC-MS *
  • Examination of the product surface,
    e.g. by means of SEM/EDX, XPS *

* This service does not fall within the scope of accreditation and also not the recognition on the part of ZLG and GLP..