New contaminometer!


for testing ionic component cleanliness according to IPC TM-650 2.3.25.

The testing of ionic component cleanliness according to IPC TM-650 2.3.25 is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, improved manufacturing processes and new standards lead to decreasing limit values. As a result, the historical limit of 1.56 µg NaCl eq./cm² is replaced by 0.75 NaCl eq./cm² in the current revision of IPC 6012 E and in the automotive addendum IPC-6012DA-WAM1.

In order to meet these developments, CleanControlling is expanding its analytical capabilities with a latest generation contaminometer. With the implementation of the new MI-ConTTest 250, even the smallest residues can be reliably detected and evaluated.

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Elektronisches Bauteil - IPC TM-650 2.3.25