Rinsing, blowing off or suction?


Technical article in JOT - Journal für Oberflächentechnik 12/2022 on the subject of efficiency and comparability of suction extraction to classical extraction methods.

E-mobility is resulting in comprehensive changes in the range of components and the applicable test methods for technical cleanliness. The requirements for component cleanliness are also changing. With the increasing importance of suction extraction, questions arise about the comparability and effectiveness of classic extraction methods. In the technical article by Yasemin Müller in the December issue of JOT - Journal für Oberflächentechnik, this topic is examined in more detail. The basis for this is the comparative study of a working group of the ZVEI (Association of the Electrical and Digital Industry) from 2021.

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JOT - Journal für Oberflächentechhnik

Particle extraction via cyclone unit C|PS²

Extraction of particle contamination via cyclone unit of the particle suction extraction system C|PS² from CleanControlling.