Fast particle monitoring less than 10 minutes!


Particle suction extraction C|PS² in combination with shorter direct analysis PartSens 4.0

In production processes, it is increasingly important to be able to quickly measure and evaluate the level of cleanliness in the processes. This makes it possible to react immediately with targeted measures if the required cleanliness values are no longer maintained. Among other things, rapid cleanliness analysis is important for monitoring and optimizing cleaning processes.

The test procedure with the particle suction extraction C|PS² offers with the dry extraction method the ideal basis for the shortened direct analysis by means of the surface measuring system PartSens 4.0 of PMT Partikel Messtechnik GmbH. The analysis pads for the PartSens 4.0 direct analysis are integrated into the C|PS² suction extraction system via the special analysis pad holder. Optimal testing of highly sensitive components is performed within a laminar flow environment, which is made possible by the mobile design of the extraction system. With the suction extraction in the laminar flow environment, the particle contaminants are extracted from the component with the lowest possible blank value and the extracted particles are deposited onto the adhesive analysis pad.

Subsequently, the analysis pad is inserted into the PartSens measuring head as well as the PartSens 4.0 and the 5-fold series measurement is started. The results of the 5 series measurements are summarized and output as an overall result. The measurement result is very close to the light microscopic analysis according to VDA 19.1. In addition to the measurement of the particle length as Feretmax, the PartSens+ 4.0 offers the possibility of the differentiation of particle sizes and particle numbers of metallic and non-metallic particles as well as fibers.

C|PS² in combination with shorter direct analysis PartSens 4.0