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Mobile complete system for suction extraction
of dry and adhering particles on large-scale surfaces.
The new, mobile test method with suction extraction (with air) enables economical, faster and application-related cleanliness tests on large-area components or directly in the process environment.
Compared to the wet extraction (as described in VDA 19.1/ISO 16232) this innovative test method opens up decisive advantages in various applications:


leanliness tests using suction extraction on site

  • of large-scale components with dry-adhering particles
  • within the logistics, e.g. packaging, storage and transport containers
  • of non-wet extractable materials, e.g. styrodur containers
  • in the production process, e.g. workpiece carriers in assembly plants, in the process environment, etc.
  • for verification of cleaning processes (suction) within the production process
  • to check component cleanliness within the manufacturing process between individual assembly steps
  • for goods receipt inspection of component deliveries, e.g. of large components

Partikelsauger Anwendung


Extraction of dry and adhering particles from large surfaces or control areas on workpiece carriers or process environments. The par-ticles are dissolved by the suction principle by means of a suction nozzle, brush nozzle or surface nozzle from the surface and su-cked off. The system allows two methods for particle capture:

Suction extraction via cyclone unit

Via the cyclone unit, the extracted particles are collected in a clean laboratory bottle. In addition, the filter unit ensures overload protection by means of a special analysis filter (5 µm/20 µm) in case of too high particulate load.

Partikelsauger Anwendung 1

Suction extraction via filter unitt

The particles are extracted directly through the filter unit and filtered out of the airflow using a special analysis filter (5 µm/20 µm). With the aid of an aqueous rinsing medium, the spe-cially developed flushing attachment ensures a homogeneous filter occupancy including drying of the analysis filter. The analysis filter can be microscopically analysed immediately after the suction extraction and the subsequent flushing.

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