We are strengthening our medical team...


Regardless of the general economic developments, we have strengthened our medical team. 

The focus of our efforts is the satisfaction of our customers. In this context, we want to further expand our customer service and optimize it with rapid order processing and close communication on order status, deadlines and fast response times. We will also continue to expand our technical resources in the laboratory area in order to ensure the rapid planning and processing of test orders. This is also important in connection with the further expansion of our test spectrum and the new accredited test procedures that will be introduced shortly.


We welcome our new colleagues in the CleanControlling Medical division:

In the area of order processing, Mrs. Jennifer Grimm will in future be responsible together with Ms. Katharina Fries for the quick and reliable order processing of all medical orders. 


Dr. Jasmin Frey will take over leading and responsible functions in the planning, execution and evaluation of laboratory analysis alongside Dr. Oliver Podlech and Mrs. Nelly Schwer as Study Director.




Jennifer Grimm - Order Processing

Jasmin Frey - Study Director