We are expanding our premises in Emmingen-Liptingen.


After an intensive planning phase and a few weeks ull of anticipation,here they are - 14 office containers now offer us space for new meeting rooms and workstations.Since space is limited, as in any company building, and CleanControlling GmbH is experiencing a continuous increase in staff, the capacities in Emmingen-Liptingen have been expanded. In addition to the meeting rooms and workplaces, there will be a small workshop where colleagues from the product management department can further develop our products.

The delivery of the containers was a little highlight of the week and we couldn't miss the one or two pictures. Now the interior decoration follows and of course the move into the fully-fledged office and meeting rooms.

We are looking forward to welcoming customers and partners in the new meeting rooms, of course in compliance with all hygiene regulations.


the finished office container

Delivery of the office container

Construction of the office container