From Liptingen to Dresden - CleanControlling on the road


In great late summer weather, a delegation of 20 CleanControllers visited our colleagues Lisa and Tobias from the CleanControlling Lab in Dresden on the last weekend in October and took part in the 22nd Dresden Marathon together.

An exciting trip to Dresden.

After the busy journey with 3 vans and 1 car with long forced breaks, the troop arrived at least in beautiful weather Saturday evening in Dresden. After a quick check-in at the Motel One directly on the Elbe, the rustic cuisine of the Czechs, including the rich beer specialties, was tested in the cozy Wenzel in the Neustadt. Some of them chose a knuckle of pork as the ideal sportsman's dish.

Early in the morning after breakfast, the preparations for the marathon were made in the best sunny weather. Safety pins were a sought-after and rare commodity for attaching the start numbers. Our runners were registered for the tenth marathon, for 10 km and for 3 marathon relays with 4 runners each. Start, finish and changing stations were spread over Dresden, so the routes to the individual stations also resulted in a significant extension of the distances while simultaneously sightseeing the city, which was all the more impressive in the sunlight. All runners could be very satisfied with their performances, especially the three relay teams could place themselves in the front third of the total of 80 participating relay teams.

After the perfectly organized run and the short break for regeneration, the troop - still in beautiful weather - could enjoy the city tour by Tobias, which was excellently adapted to the visitors. As an original Dresdener, he led the group unerringly and with perfect background knowledge - supported by Lisa and Sophie - through the beautiful city on the Elbe. 

The beautiful weather and the extended weekend also encouraged many other visitors to spend a nice evening in the city, so that the troop had to split up to find still free restaurant places. The rich restaurant offer solved this problem as well and left only satisfied faces.

The next day's program naturally included a tour of the CleanConrolling laboratory in the Kist + Escherich building. Despite the public holiday - Reformation Day is a holiday in Saxony - Tobias and Lisa were ready for the short laboratory tour in addition to the factory tour of the company Kist + Escherich, manufacturer of cleaning systems for dry component cleaning. This concluded the visit to Dresden and the journey home could begin, this time without any major disruptions or traffic disturbances. Thus, on Monday evening, everyone arrived back in Liptingen safe and sound.

Many thanks to Lisa and Tobias for the great organization and many thanks to Beate and Volker for making this event possible!

We are looking forward to a repeat next year!



The preparations

The tenth marathon troupe

The common finish

Quenching thirst after the run