15 years of particles in focus!


From a special fascination for technical cleanliness, Dipl. Ing. Volker Burger founded the company CleanControlling on 1th of April 2006. Since then, CleanControlling has built a name for the company as a leading international specialist.

During his work as head of process and product development at an automotive supplier, Volker Burger was repeatedly confronted intensively with the challenges of the then still "young" topic of technical cleanliness. With this extensive experience from process and product development in connection with technical cleanliness, Volker Burger continuously developed not only analytics but also consulting services and the range of training courses on this topic. Today, CleanControlling advises and supports well-known OEMs and automotive suppliers, but also manufacturers from other industries for which technical cleanliness is becoming increasingly relevant, in the planning and design of manufacturing and assembly processes that meet cleanliness requirements.

With its early entry into the world of technical cleanliness, CleanControlling has been intensively involved in committees and standardisation committees for the practical interpretation of guidelines and standards over the past 15 years and has provided important impulses for the further development of these standards. In addition, the variety of procedures for the extraction and analysis of particulate contamination has been perfected and established. In 2015, the experience gained from the consulting projects and analysis was incorporated into the development of a specialised product range, which is now presented in a comprehensive product catalogue and eShop. The international distribution of the product range is an essential part of this business field.

With Volker Burger's vision to establish and position CleanControlling as the specialist for all aspects of surface cleanliness of technical components and medical devices, further chemical, biological and microbiological test methods were established beyond the range of particle analyses relevant for this purpose. The increasing requirements in the area of chemical-filmic component cleanliness have led to the establishment of further methods in chemical analysis. Furthermore, the closeness to the medical device manufacturers in Tuttlingen, the "world centre of medical technology", in conjunction with the focus on surface cleanliness are the essential factors to support the medical technology industry with a broad spectrum of tests to ensure the safety of medical devices with regard to use in or on humans.  

With over 90 employees, CleanControlling is now one of the most important partners for technical cleanliness and surface cleanliness in automotive and medical technology.


Milestones in the company's development

- Active involvement in the TecSa 2.0 industry association - VDA 19.1

- Active participation in the AdhäSa industry association

- Participation in the standards committee for the revision of ISO 16232:2018

- Establishment of flow-through air extraction with special flow-through test bench

- Specialisation in the development, design and manufacture of component-specific test adaptations

- Establishment of the CCPlus cleanliness test for increased blank value requirements

- Development of suction extraction as a practical extraction method in the area of e-mobility

- 2014: Company foundation of CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG

- 2015: Move to new company premises and opening ceremony

- 2016: Product development of particle suction extraction system, manual and robot-guided

- 2019: Establishment of analytical methods for determining chemical-filmic component cleanliness

- 2020: Foundation of the branch office in Dresden


2015: Move to the new premises and official opening

2018: Enlargement of the biological-microbiological laboratory

Kurzhaariger Mann mit Schutzbrille und weißen Kittel in Laborumgebung, schüttet zwei orangene Flüssigkeiten, welche sich in zwei Kolben befinden, zusammen.

2019: Start-up of the chemical-analytical laboratory

2020: Opening of the laboratory branch in Dresden